A Goal that is personal & an aim that is Global!

1 plus 1 works towards creating a global awareness and helping to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for peace, prosperity, people and planet. We give 1% for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or 17 global goals to bring food, shelter, prosperity in the homes of all. The end goal is to attain love, peace and unity in all hearts of all.

We come together as one, both individuals and entrepreneurs to invest in people and our planet while scaling to maximize the impact exponentially towards realizing these global goals by 2030.

We’re a global community of doers and givers, individuals and entrepreneurs who have come together to launch this movement to solve the world’s most pressing problems that impact nearly one billion people by 2030..We dare to dream the impossible to be possible.

Here, individuals and corporations can select one or more of the global goals or SDG to support by giving 1% of their earnings. We’re a community that brings everyone together to eradicate poverty in this decade.

Convene your call-to-action

We believe that every organization and individual has the power to make a big difference to help bring one billion people out of poverty by 2030. By taking the pledge to give 1% of your earnings to the global goals and support organizations around the world who can make a huge difference towards realizing our goal. These organizations are tackling the world’s ‘to-do’ list & world changing global goals to build a more fair,equitable and prosperous world for all.

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Take the Leap!

Join the movement to pledge or give 1% of your earnings for a good cause, as for us, 1+1=11, and together, we can make an exponential impact.

Ever wonder why 1+1 was founded?

It all started when an entrepreneur, Alpa Patel learned about the illiteracy rates amongst children of India while fundraising for one of the largest NGOs in India, Pratham who was operating at a massive scale and bringing literacy to millions of school children in India. After helping fundraise for the Pratham Los Angeles chapter and learning about grueling conditions the children lived in one of the largest slum communities of Dharavi in Mumbai, she felt a tremendous responsibility to take action. She continued to support Pratham and pledged to one day give 1% of her earnings to NGOs tackling the UN SDGs. After launching her companies, she decided to give 1% of her sales to support the United Nations realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals.

Meet Alpa Patel

Alpa Patel is a social impact entrepreneur based in Dallas, Texas. She is a passionate activist and is most passionate about impacting literacy, gender equality and women empowerment. She’s committed to support and serve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and help to eradicate poverty by 2030 by launching this movement of 1 plus 1. Her company, 9th House, which was founded in 2021 supports 1 plus 1, is giving 1% of their earnings to  nonprofit organizations serving the United Nations’ SDGs or Global Goals, particularly those working to eradicate illiteracy and bringing more equality such as in areas of empowerment of women. Alpa is also an avid reader, loves to travel, meditate, learn and hike to catch beautiful views. She believes that eradicating poverty by bringing together entrepreneurs and individuals to tackle the biggest problem we face around the world will bring more peace and prosperity for our planet and all people. She was inspired to take action and launched 1 plus 1  to inspire other entrepreneurs and individuals around the world to give 1% of their earnings to NGOs tackling the UN SDGs.

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